Dry Eyes



Some years ago my eyes started to hurt a lot, and that was due to dry eyes. It took some visits to the doctors to get the correct diagnostic, the first ones only gave me eye drops and it didn’t recover, after some tests they told me my eyes were going to be like that forever and that I would have to keep using the eyes drops.

What causes dry eyes?

I don’t really know, maybe its due to inflammation or blue light, but it can also be caused by low vitamin A(retinol) or an omega 3 deficiency.

How to cure it?

Change your habits

I recommend you use blue light glasses, avoid seeing bright lights in the dark, specially the blue light from digital screens, take breaks from the computer and looking far away are some ways that can help mitigate the problem.

Change your diet

But my main recommendation is to eat retinol rich foods along with a healthy diet, that’s going to make you feel like you don’t even have dry eyes. To get pure vitamin A (retinol) you need to eat livers or eggs, carrots only have beta carotene and that’s the precursor of retinol (only 3% of bete carotene is converted to retinol in your gut), I prefer eggs cause they’re are really easy to make and it leave just a few dishes to wash.

Eye drops

I used to rely on eye drops before discovering that eggs can “cure” my dry eyes, I don’t know if it’s really cured or if what’s left is just computer strain. The eye drops only make your eyes drier, and you have to use it more and more to just feel normal, along with that your eyes get really sticky and its hard to unglue it when you wake up. After some time I discovered that Castor oil can replace the common eye drops, you just have to use one or two drops in each eye before you sleep, that was before I discovered the eggs solution, I don’t know if the Castor oil is what “cured” my eyes or it’s just the scrambled eggs that I now eat everyday. It’s so nice to not have to drop anything in my eyes.

I hope this can help someone

I’ve struggled a lot with this disease, I thought I would never be able to be in front of a computer ever again and I was just 15 when this happened, I suffered a lot and I hope I can get someone out of this situation.